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Originally Posted by Allen_B View Post
Ok, odd observation based on my own ignorance.

It looks as if the issue I am experiencing is related to the handoff from LTE.

The reason I say odd is because I guess I mis-understand what exactly WCDMA is within the AT&T network. I was under the impression that it is used for 3G data but I forced my handset to WCDMA only and it identifies if is on "4G" (not LTE). Does AT&T use the WCDMA modulation mode for 4G as well?

Am I operating from a false premise in that WCDMA = 3G?
WCDMA is 3G yes...
AT&T and T-Mobile call that "4G" which is why you will see people refer to it as faux G, fake 4G, and so forth.

IMHO, it's not 4G.
This debate can go on forever but what you were accustomed to as 3G on older devices is what the WCDMA setting changes it to.
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