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Originally Posted by NacsMXer View Post
I recently received my Spigen Neo Hybrid case in Metal Slate, Spigen aluminum home button set, and Spigen Glas tR Slim glass screen protector.

The Neo Hybrid case is fantastic in my opinion. Yes, it does change the feel of the phone to a more squared feel, but you get used to it. It actually feels better and more secure in my hand when making phone calls. The naked phone was so slim and slippery I always felt like I was going to lose hold of it. The case itself adds very minimal thickness/bulk to the phone for a dual layer case IMO. It fits so well to the phone it makes it look like the phone/case combo IS the phone itself. It has a very solid feel to it. The side buttons make them slightly easier to depress and feel completely natural to me when depressing them. Again, as if the buttons on the case were the phone itself.

I chose to install the aluminum home button first with a piece of scotch tape. I decided to install the brushed silver one and it gives the phone a classy and even more premium look. The home button itself is a must if you are going with the Spigen glass screen protectors. It raises the stock home button up just beyond the glass screen protector to about where it was factory. I was also pleased to find that the aluminum home button felt and operated like stock, and did not worsen in feel in any way.

The Glas tR Slim screen protector is also a win. This was my first time ever dealing with a glass screen protector. I was able to achieve a flawless dust-free install using a steamy bathroom and the hinge method as seen here: How To: Perfectly Install a Screen Protector - Hinge Method - YouTube The cutouts for the home button and upper sensors are perfectly executed and the protector mates up the edges like it was made for it (wait, it was!). The radiused, beveled edges give it a much more finished look than non-beveled protectors IMO. The thickness of the glass brings the surface up to just shy of what the case lip provides. The oleophobic coating works surprisingly well and the glass feels amazingly smooth.

All these accessories work together to create a finished package that looks like they are the phone itself. I took a gamble on trying these parts for the first time and I couldn't be more pleased with the end result!

Looks great! I just got mine in today. I didn't like the Incipio I had before, this one is much better looking. I didn't put any of the "jelly buttons" on, but I'm also not using a screen protector. Just the case, went with silver because 1) that's all Amazon had other than that ugly yellow, and 2) it goes with the white a lot better than the slate which I really liked also. Normally I hate cases with a lip that goes around the screen, but we'll see how this one goes for me. The lip is not as intrusive as other cases out there. Overall I really like this case, especially the built-in button extensions on the side. They are easier to press than the actual buttons on the phone. Sometimes too easy, as I've accidentally hit the wake button every time I pull it out of my pocket, lol.

My pics, first taken with the GS4, the rest with my iPhone. Not the greatest quality, I tried to save them with PS.

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