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Originally Posted by jlrosell View Post
Just seems like a colossal waste of money for FedEx though.
So many packages start near their destination and travel farther away before getting sent out for delivery.
Thats extra packages on trucks which means less room for packages that actually NEED to get sent that way. Extra packages being sorted in that facility when they could have just been shipped from their prior location which means paying more people for unnecessary sorting of packages which should never have gone to that facility in the first place.
Extra driving to transport all these packages to seemingly unnecessary destinations.

Funny thing is there was a FedEx truck literally right across the street from me today. Guess itll be an extra trip for that guy to come back tomorrow when common sense would dictate that my package should have been on his truck today.

That is just a ton of waste. How can a company operate like that? Imagine how much theyd save if they somehow streamlined it.
The asset FedEx is managing are planes. I guarantee that the majority of packages leaving your neighborhood are not being shipped to a neighbor, but are headed to various locations across the country. FedEx brings everything to Memphis then re-sorts it so the plane heading back to your neighborhood is full of packages for your area.

And the sorting is not done by humans. It is all high speed conveyor belts and electronic sensors. I saw a piece on 60 Minutes that showed the mad rush every night in Memphis. They unload planes, re-sort, and re-load planes all within an hour. Amazing....
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