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Originally Posted by syntrix View Post
If you buy from BBY, then VZW will never swap the phone out if there's a need for that (800 number, not the local store).

If you buy direct from VZW, and suspect a weird problem/bug, there's a "chance" that a manager can swap one out for you (again, 800 number, not local vzw stores). This saved me quite a few times in the past

If I buy from BBY, and say, "my bluetooth isn't working right", will they swap it out right then and there for another one without a fee?
Most likely BB will replace it or give you a loaner phone until your phone is fixed if I understand there plan correctly. Plus there won't be a 100 fee like from VZW. I mean crap you pay for a plan and then you gotta pay an extra 100 bucks still. Such bull shit.
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