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Let's look at an example of our internet usage.
We use netflix several times a week, or more.

Take a look at the image below..
This is our UVerse gateway and it shows the bandwidth used over the various interfaces.
Note this ... it's uptime is 111 days... nice number too
I have atypical internet usage because I am a software developer and I work from home a lot.
I would say that since I started working from home I used 1/3 more bandwidth than usual.

Basically, if you add everything up and divide it by days I get 5GB a day.
At least 1 or 2GB of that is going to be a netflix stream.

Sure, you can tether and watch netflix on your computer, tv, tablet, etc.
Your going to kill your 5GB allotment in anywhere from a day to 3 days.

This is why I say that tethering is not a replacement for wired internet access. I am a poster child of high bandwidth usage but not anywhere like torrenters

I get where you are coming from, really... but it's really not practical.
Not from a price standpoint, or resources.

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