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Default Typing "I love you" fills me with HATE towards my HTC ONE

I do not understand predictive typing. Because I do not understand it, I hate it.

I'm trying to type a message to my daughter and all the words are coming out wrong. Instead of putting up the letters I'm typing, the damned thing is putting up letters it thinks I wanted.

So I decided to send a simple message to my wife. "I love you". When I press the letter "I", the screen is displaying the letter "U". When I get the entire three word sentence typed, "I love you" is "U live yiw". WHAT THE BLOODY HELL IS THAT? WHY IS THIS ACCEPTABLE?

Yes. I'm ignorant of how this phone works. But it is actively fighting what I want to type.

I kept trying to teach it what I want. I type the letter "I" and it shows all the potential matches for the ONE LETTER I AM HITTING ON THE PHONE. The first potential match is the letter "U", which it is displaying on the screen. The second is the letter "I", which is the letter I hit, and is confirmed by the pop-up letter beneath my finger as I press the screen.

This is my first Android phone. AND I HATE IT FOR THIS REASON ALONE.
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