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I've run the calibration routine. It still displays letters other than what I am typing.

When I press a letter, I see a box pop-up beneath my finger, displaying the letter I've just pressed. Then I let go. Shouldn't that be the letter I see in my text message? Because it is not.

I'm typing messages VERY SLOWLY to make sure I'm spelling and seeing the words correctly. I've just typed out "This is a message to my wife." I'm careful. I type t-h-i-s and the word is being displayed correctly up until I hit the letter 's'. Then it changes the word to "Thus". WHY DOES IT DO THIS?

When I type the word "message", it is displaying the nonsensical word "nessage". I hit the letter "m". I watched the letter "m" appear beneath my finger. But the screen displays the letter "n". WHY? The predictive words below the message box show "nessage" as the first option and "message" as the second, highlighted, option. When I hit space, the word "message" appears correctly. However, seeing what I've typed in the message box gives me no confidence in this product. I hate it.

If I hit a letter correctly, and it displays the pop-up correctly, why does the text message have the wrong letter?
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