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Originally Posted by trparky View Post
Well, when your competition is waving around patents like nuclear weapons how else are you supposed to protect yourself?

I agree, Apple isn't the only offender here. Samsung, Nokia, HTC, and a number of others are guilty of the same behavior. But it does seem, at least to me, that Apple has a vendetta against anything that's not an iPhone in the mobile space. It's like they can't stand having competition in the market and that they want to be only device in the market and they will stop at nothing to make sure that that happens. Apple is not in any way a good corporate citizen.

That is the kind of behavior that I can't stand. And that is the chief reason why I will NEVER buy another Apple product EVER in my life! And I will continue to convince people that I encounter to not buy Apple products because of that reason.
I agree with you. And that's even BEFORE the recent congressional hearing with Apple's CEO this week where they are stashing billions of dollars offshore to not pay any taxes, and he said that mega corporations like Apple should only pay single digit taxes while the rest of us poor working scmucks have to pay close to 50% in taxes.

Corporations like Apple benefit from the same public services (roads, infrastructure, police, fire department, military defense, etc) as the rest of us do. Why does Apple as a hugely successful multi billion dollar conglomerate feel they shouldn't have to pay as much in taxes as you and I do? Makes me despise Apple even more than I already do. Which is really to bad because they do make good quality devices. I just can't stand their forced ecosystem, their lack of customization (simple interface), and their business practices.
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