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Are you sure you're typing in English? Like, if the phone is set to a different language it will automatically try to use the words you've typed to a word that the language setting understands. I had mine on French once and couldn't figure out why it was making different words with the letters I was pressing.

To check, do this:

-Swipe down from the top of the screen for status bar
-Click the gear on the top right corner for settings
-Scroll down to Language and Keyboard (select)
-Look at what System Language you are using. It should say "English (United States) or whatever language you prefer.

Try this first before getting too frustrated. I couldn't figure out why it did that for mine either, but I must have changed the setting at some point in time.

Originally Posted by erichg1000 View Post
One thing i miss... On my HTC Evo 3D the phone would vibrate when a call connected so you know when to put the phone up to you ear. This phone does not.
Really? Mine does this

Originally Posted by erichg1000 View Post
Anyway, first out of the gate, i can't just press hard button menu>settings to jump to settings real quick. so annyoing. i have to swipe over to apps, scroll down to settings, to enter settings.

The top swipe down tray is basically useless. Most android users are offered a wealth of options in the swipe down tray. really pissed about that.
...your top swipe down tray holds the settings button on the top right corner in the shape of a little Gear. Arguably quicker than the "Home Screen Click -> Settings" path you used to take.
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