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Originally Posted by ovrrdrive View Post
With the recent falling out at HTC and the shrinking market share, it looks like my next phone will be the note3 when it comes out. And that, isn't a rumor at all. lol

I would go to the note2 but my evo 4g LTE isn't that dated yet and with the new note right around the corner I can wait for it. I think the One is going to be a big flop.

I've had bad luck with samsung in the past but it looks like they hopefully have the issues worked out...
I'm not surprised about the info at HTC. There had to be a lot of butting heads, based on the direction and approach they've taken the past couple years.

Just to calm your anxiety about Samsung a little, I was a diehard HTC guy, until the EVO 3D was released. At that point, I gave Motorola a shot (w/ their 1st Sprint superphone). That was a great experience, until Motorola started moving in the wrong direction (and prior to Google really being able to influence the mindset). I, much like you, had my share of issues with Samsung (along with many of my friends and family), so I was a little anxious when I was considering the Note 2. I've got to say that, since they started making great amounts of money from the S2, their support has improved tremendously in the US. The Note 2 is reaping all the benefits from that, so the Note 3 shouldn't be any different.
Love the G-Note series!
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