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Default Review of Logitech Android BT keyboard with case-stand - w/pics!!!

This is a review of Logitech Tablet bluetooth keyboard intended for use with Android phones and tablets, as well as Windows 8/RT: Logitech® Tablet Keyboard for Android

It probably shouldn't come as a surprise that a company such as Logitech, which is known for some of the best keyboards, is offering a wireless keyboard specific for Android devices. But I was still very pleasantly surprised when I opened a package from Logitech with their Tablet keyboard. They really put a lot of thought into this design, and offered a number of unique features.

Let me get one thing off my chest. Yes, the first thing you notice when taking this keyboard out of the box is the weight. This is not a rechargeable keyboard, it runs on 4x AAA batteries (which btw were included!). So you should expect an additional weight. Along with it's case I weighted it to be about 21.6 oz (610g), where without a case it was down to 13.8 oz (390g). The dimensions of this keyboard are 29mm x 13mm and thickness of 9mm with an exception of 15mm around the thicker edge with batteries. Yes, it's not light weight - but it's a VERY solid built chiclet style keyboard with full size keys. Even so it has a small footprint, it felt no different than typing on my laptop or regular computer keyboard. Every key has a decent travel with a very good feedback, and spaced very comfortable for a long time typing without hand fatigue. The shape of the design makes it naturally angled. Also, I was very pleased with a generous size of backspace, enter, shift and space bar keys. Even smaller arrow keys felt comfortable.

Of course, the main intent of my review was to see how it's going to work with Note 2 or any other Android device. I tested it with both Note 2 and my Nexus 7 tablet. The pair up was super fast, click on "connect" button to see bluetooth light blinking, scan your phone or tablet, and enter the uniquely generated code. Within seconds it was paired up and communicating with either of the devices. Typing any key on the keyboard brought up Google search right away. Three basic Android OS function keys - home, return, menu are accessible with a dedicated keys on the keyboard with instantaneous response. I was able to control volume up/down (Function key combination with top row keys), play/pause and next/previous, bring up default music app, schedule app, and web browser. One thing I would have wish for was "mute" button. Basically, I found this keyboard to be functioning as both input device and multimedia controller.

Typically, my review would be complete, but there is another bonus piece of this keyboard that took it to the next level - the case. Obviously it serves a purpose as a protective case when keyboard is not in use where you slide it right in. It offers a hard plastic material with a nice soft finish outside for a better grip when you carrying it, and a soft felted lining inside to protect the keyboard. The case itself flips open, held by two magnetic locks, to turn into a stand that can accommodate any smart phone or tablet in portrait or landscape position. It's actually makes a very solid and sturdy stand. Very impressive design! Once you done, flip it back into a case and store the keyboard inside.

Overall, I think it's one of the best and most comfortable portable keyboard I tested so far. With a bonus of clever case design that turns into a very solid stand, full integration with Android OS and capability to use it with Windows 8/RT (if you have those tablets), and a reasonable price (on Amazon you can get it for $55) - I would definitely recommend it to anybody who does a lot of typing on your phone or a tablet and don't want any compromises.

Here are the review pictures:

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