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Originally Posted by SolApathy View Post
Well, after having my HTC one on and charging (no case) and in an air conditioned car with the GPS on I found my battery losing power with the tell-tale red blinking light of charging death....

I had this problem with the Evo 3D, then I had the Evo LTE and did not have any problems, and now here I am again. Anyone else having this issue?
Just a guess here,but,this phone has been reported by many here,& elsewhere,to be slow to take a full charge in a static/@ home charging environment,especially w/the last 30% or so.

If you're driving/using GPS all day long,I'm guessing you're fighting a losing battle,especially if you're in a weak signal area during these times of discharge.

Only things I can recommend are the following:

1) Call SPRINT & check to see if any network maintenance is underway in your area.

2) Ensure that you're using a 1A charger,which matches up w/what the phone will accept.

3) Contact HTC's Customer Care Dept.,they've been nothing but excellent w/me in an unrelated issue,assisting & documenting troubleshooting my issue.
Been dealing w/the same agent each time,which should lead to a quicker resolution vs. other manufacturers.

Please keep us posted on your outcome.
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