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Originally Posted by LoyalServant View Post
I thought you had the unlocked or international version?
Would this RUU work on those?
My understanding is that it's the same phone but I am no expert.
Correct,I have an international version. The ruu should work on any m7_u or m7_ul that's s-off and supercid(or cid changed to CWS__001). I have m7_u,and i do know m7_ul RUUs work on it.. its currently running the developer edition software/firmware that's one cool thing about gsm international phones... Lots of RUUs! I almost get a bigger kick out of running other regional/carrier ruus than I do running custom roms,lol

This is a good reason to be s-off... No security checks on signiture,main version or hboot,and the ability to change cid give you lots of ruu options for soft brick recovery. Your att ruu is only good with an s on phone as long as you don't upgrade to newer firmware. At that point you need a New ruu
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