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Originally Posted by TheAtheistReverend View Post
For them to say the gapless construction is only referring to a part of the phone is lame.
That is, if VZ ever gets the dang phone...
I have to admit, that sounds about as lame as the explanation for omitting an SD CARD slot.

The speaker grills on mine probably do not have the "ZERO GAP" tolerance, but, as someone who used to work in a machine shop & experienced w/keeping tight spec tolerances, I can't see any gaps w/the unaided eye.

With that said, I'm guessing the gaps that most have aren't anywhere close to the size of the holes in the speaker grills themselves & don't present any more of a risk to foreign material intrusion.

If anyone feels anything less than the "ZERO GAP" construction is unacceptable, it's definitely within your right to present your displeasure w/HTC Customer Care & get a ticket started to process a warranty claim.
With HTC's statement on the 'ZERO GAP' parameters, I'm guessing a good measure of perseverance is in order to get a claim processed to your satisfaction.

Good Luck to all who choose to pursue this & please post any claim action involved w/your phone.
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