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Originally Posted by jhawkkw View Post
Except I think the claim is that he choose to do a full internal data wipe and that got left behind, not a simple factory reset. Or, at least that's what I thought was being said. I just did one of these on an S3 two weeks ago and there wasn't anything left; so if there is indeed an issue it must be localized on the gnex.
Even when you wipe data, it skips /data/media by design.

Actually, wiping data and doing a factory reset are the exact same things. This os because cache and dalvik cache are in /data as well

Twrp for the s3 behaves the same way. You still have all of the files in /data/media after a wipe

If it did wipe data/media, all your ROM zips, photos, and twrp backups would get wiped
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