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Originally Posted by Recoil1 View Post
It seems my phone says it is unlocked but I cannot get anything to have root privileges. I gave up on goo manager and just downloaded superuser chainsdd then tried to download wifi tether and it told me I did not have root privileges and it wouldn't work. I have since relocked my phone and unlocked it through htc dev and it still won't take anything that requires root even though it says it is unlocked in the boot screen.
being unlocked does not give you root priveledges. you also cannot download the superuser app from the market,as this only installs the app,not the matching binary that the app needs to distribute root priveledges.

the basic steps to root are:
1)unlock bootloader
2)temporatily or permantly install a recovery
3)flash superuser root package in recovery

youve only done #1,not 2 or 3. use this guide to help you do steps 2 and 3: The HTC One root thread
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