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Originally Posted by Nikguy View Post
The removable battery is really what sold me. When my droid razr's battery wore out, it was a huge hassle to replace. Now i just can pop in a new one when ever I want.

But please tell me more about what i need to wireless charge. I would like to do that as well.
You'll need two optional pieces:

1. wireless charging back, $40 retail, though LG shows it for $30.
This back has these downsides:
- bulkier, makes the phone thicker.
- the longer sloping sides make the phone slippery. I put a piece of invisible shield on the back to make it grippier.
- the phone won't charge in the desktop charger with this back on.
- no available cases made for the phone with this back, though a cheap silicone case (not TPU) will sorta stretch enough.

2. wireless charging pad, like the $40 LG WCP-300, or the LG WCP-700 (great, but it beeps so you don't want to use it for overnight charging near your bedside [EDIT: previous about beeping is incorrect. No beeps other than the initial beep when charging the Lucid 2]), or the Nokia DT-900. I'd probably go for the WCP-300, for its portability (it's A/C connection is micro USB, so the extra you'd need to carry vs. your micro USB charger is just that little puck).
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