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Originally Posted by Hadron View Post
No, I don't think so.

There are 2 types of bloatware: stuff the carrier wants you to use (makes money for them or helps lock you in), and stuff publishers are paying them to preload. Either way, they want it there.

The manufacturers want their devices to be picked up *and promoted* by the carriers. So are they going to push hard for a deal that, if they can get it at all (really big if), is likely to end with them getting a worse price and their kit not pushed? The carriers in the US have the power, and I doubt they want that to change. The iPhone situation was unique, in that not carrying it was visibly costing them customers in large numbers.

Plus, Jobs cared about this. Do you think Samsung do?
I personally know people who bought their iPhones almost exclusively because of no bloatware. Maybe HTC doesn't have the clout, but Samsung sells enough phones they should be able to tell Verizon (since they are the worst) you're not getting the S4 unless you agree to reduce the bloatware and carry more than just the 16gb version.
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