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Originally Posted by jds4000 View Post
It is pretty sad indeed that this device would experience any lag at all. One would think that with 2 GB RAM and a blazing fast processor the last issue the end user would face on this device would be lag of ANY sort. I ditched my iPhone 5 for this and I am not happy. The lag issue is unacceptable. Forget about all of the fixes out there. These issues should have been fixed before the GS 4 shipped. Period. I'm 90% sure that my device will be returned, and I will simply return to my iPhone 5. True, the display on the iPhone 5 is too small for my liking. However, lag was never, ever a problem. Never. I HATE THE LAG ON THE GS 4.
I think that Android was just never built with UI fluidity as the highest priority. In the beginning it was always functionality over fluidity of UI. Project Butter was promising but then one update later my Galaxy Nexus had terrible (really terrible) lag. They might not ever get to iPhone level responsiveness no matter how powerful the chipset. Maybe a massive overhaul of the code behind the scenes.

I've been using the S4 for a week now and I can see what you're saying but I don't think it's THAT bad. There is the occasional stutter here and there but it doesn't seem to be slowing down app load times or game smoothness at all.

Personally, I'll take the additional functionality of Android with the UI fluidity hit. But that's just me. I chose the S4 because Samsung seems to be supporting their phones the best after release and all the accessories they offer. The iPhone is a great phone though. It's simple and just works with little to think about.

When I don't want to deal with family members or friends who aren't techies I tell them to get an iPhone and go talk to the geniuses if they can't figure something out. Any family member who understands tech even in the slightest I tell to go for Android. One way I can tell if Android is good for someone is if their PC or Mac desktop and file/folder system is organized to their liking. Those with scattered desktops and unorganized file systems I say go straight for the iPhone.

Just my 2 cents. You can't go wrong either way.
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