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Originally Posted by myvwrocks View Post
ok plugged in and it said it cant find the device. i popped the sim card and held vol down and power and it did reboot back to before i started. i think i am confused about the ruu process. i am currently rooted not sure if that is an issue but do i need to relock the bootloader. and then run the ruu.exe from the fast boot screen? will i have to reroot and instll recovery again? sorry havent done a ruu install yet just rooted the $#!t out of my htc evo design.
sorry for the short answers earlier,and the late reply. so is your phone booting and working?

to run the ruu,you must have a locked or relocked bootloader. the utility can be started with the phone in the booted OS,or in the case of a non-bootling phone,in fastboot or ruu mode(the black screen with silver htc)

the .exe utilities are notoriously fussy. they often fail for various reasons,so i dont run them very often. i personally like to extract "" from the utility,and then flash it in fastboot.

at the risk of overloading you with info,here is how you extract
the .exe utilities can be finicky,so if you have trouble getting it to run, you can extract "" in the following manner:
-start the utility
-check the "i understand" box to move on to the next screen
-hide the utility temporarily out of site
-search your C drive for "". you will find it in a temporary location(it will be in a different spot each time you run the utility)
-open the folder location,and transfer to a safe location on your PC.
-unhide and cancel the utility,youre done with it. can be renamed to PxxxIMG and flashed in hboot,from a FAT32 sd card
you can ignore that last bit about a FAT32 sd card,its for older phones. if youve had htc's before,your prolly familiar with putting a file named similar to"PxxxIMG" on the sd card and letting it flash in hboot. the extracted from the utility is this type of file. with newer phones,flashing these types of files is a lil different,they must be flashed from a cmd window,with the phone in fastboot.

here are some directions to flash "":
if youre working with a booted,operational phone,you can flsh the file in the following manner:

-open a cmd window

-change to adb/fastboot directory
cd c:\foldername
(cd c:\mini-adb if youve used any of my guides )

-place the zip file you want to flash into adb/fastboot directory

-enable usb debug,disable fastboot,plug in phone

-check for connectivity
adb devices (should return serial number)

-boot to fastboot
adb reboot bootloader

-check for connectivity again
fastboot devices

-flash the file
fastboot erase cache

fastboto oem rebootRUU (will put you in ruu mode,black screen silver htc letters)

fastboot flash zip (will send and flash the file. dont interupt it while the cmd window shows its writinging,and the green status bar is moving on the phone screen)

*sometimes a file will fail with a pre-update error. this is normal,just enter again:
fastboot flash zip
and this time it will finish

-when you get "finished" and "OK"
fastboot reboot-bootloader (takes you back to fastboot)

-reboot back to the OS
fastbooot reboot

you can use this if you dont have an operational phone as well. you just need to manually put the phone in fastboot(select from hboot menu) then skip the "adb" commands and start with fastboot devices
to answer your other question,yes,you will need to re-unlock and re-install recovery after running the RUU. an ruu is designed as an "unroot" solution, or emergency fix,if other attempts have not made the phone operational.

so... if your phone is working again,just holler if you have further questions about RUUs.

if you still need help getting it booted and working,let us know exactly what state the phone is in... what you can boot to,what you cant... whats on the hboot screen,etc. we can get you sorted and running
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