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Originally Posted by chong67 View Post
I copy this below from another site and I am afraid of getting the One now. DO you agree with all this below?


I have the HTC ONE and I can tell you first hand this phone is awesome and beautiful however the build quality is not as high as is being touted. I had to switch my phone 3 times for various problems in quality that should not be present on a new phone. If you would like I will give a run down lower in the post of the problems with each phone. But in either case the battery is amazing, my best full charge went 1 Day 3 Hours 52 minutes with about 27% left before I charged it. Besides the flaws in build quality the design and beauty is second to none in my opinion. The screen is also amazing. The beats audio which was a big problem of two of the phones I exchanged is still not as good as I expected. There is hissing and static especially in songs with a lot of drums or bass.

Phone 1: Had problems with a large gap by the power button, when you would squeeze the phone you could make it "zero gap" like it is suppose to be.

Phone 2: Major problems with audio, the speakers had a lot of distortion and static

Phone 3: Major problems with audio as well. Same problems with static and hissing and distortion with big bass and drum songs. Also the power and volume buttons were flush with the phone which made them extremely hard to press and made the phone a horrible experience to use.

Phone 4: Currently the one I am using, no major problems but still that persistent problem with the audio. It is less with this phone but I still get the static hissing sound on max volume like if the speakers are being pushed beyond their limits. It is more noticeable again on songs with a lot of bass or with drums.
I havent had any of these problems, and this is the first time I have heard of any of these problems.
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