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Originally Posted by Orion View Post
Don't get me wrong. I think the One is an absolute gorgeous phone but I need to swap my batteries and have the option for more storage. This is the reason why at this point in time I'll pick Samsung over HTC. Its just a mental and personal thing I have with that. I love both companies but right now Samsung fits my needs.
I can definitely identify with that Orion. I never would have thought that having a removable battery was very convenient for my lifestyle, but having that option from the EVO, to the Photon and now the Note 2, that's something that is definitely a big plus for me.

That said, I don't completely rule out having a non-removable battery. I wouldn't have been completely upset if the Note 2 had a non-removable, just based on the great battery life. To this day, I still get over a full work day of use out of the phone.

For me, what's made me a little skeptical on the direction HTC was headed, was Bjorn Kilburn's statement last year. I found the Phandroid article:
Perhaps HTC hasn’t yet learned what its customer base wants; say they prefer thinness over long battery life

They did market research in 2011 that proved people preferred "thin" phones to battery life. Problem is, not many people knew there was even a choice of both a thin phone AND great battery life. Motorola started that trend with the Razr Maxx. Considering Bjorn's statement was made after the Razr Maxx had already been released and his statement was also made off research done 1 year prior, that's where I was concerned about the direction that HTC was headed.

The T6 seems to refute some of those statements that had been made before, likely due to other manufacturers taking the lead and proving that the sacrifices HTC thought were needed, weren't necessarily fact. I love all the innovation that's happening with the different OEM's. If I don't end up upgrading at full price this year, at least there'll be some great phones to look forward to in 2014.
Love the G-Note series!
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