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This is why I have chosen to not do business with Verizon anymore.
I got so tired of the lack of device choices and when they had it they were so locked down they would make Apple jealous.

I bet that Verizon people would rejoice when they kill the CDMA network.. BUT I have been told that the plan is to reject any IMEI that is not in their system once the CDMA network is decommissioned.

That means no GSM phones for Verizon peeps.
I am told that they are looking into the "legal aspects" of that.

By then I am sure the Mcadams and shamu show will have lobbied for a new, friendlier FCC that Obama is giving them on a silver platter.

I can't see Verizon getting a One... HTC has been a little too friendly to the enemies of Verizon - their customers or potential customers.
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