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Originally Posted by iToddh View Post
I successfully rooted my device earlier and all is going well, but I'm running into a snag for backing up in custom recovery/flashing new ROMs. The recovery isn't recognizing my extSD card, but the phone when booted will. I've moved the ROMs to the extSD to save space and want my backup to go there as well.

Anyone found a fix for this at all?
i had the same issue. my 64gb sd card was formatted in exFAT. recovery doesn't like the exFAT format. recovery does plays nice with fat32 though.

you can reformat your sd card to fat32. first you will need to back up all contents of your sd card to your computer. formatting erases the card, so backing it up is necessary so you can copy the data back to the card after formatting.

once the sd card is backed up you can format to fat32. i used a utility from the following link to format my card to fat32. Ridgecrop Consultants Ltd

once formatted to fat32 recovery sees the card and can backup/restore just fine. it doesn't impact any features of the sd card in the phone. then copy your data back to the sd card and you're all set.
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