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Default HTC One or Samsung Galaxy S4? Which one to buy?

Hello Everyone,

I want your opinion an honest one. My iphone 4s was stolen about 6 months ago and my BB is crapping out on me, speaker not working, screen has black dots all over it. Now I plan to buy a new phone unlocked here in Thailand.

The choices lie in HTC One or Samsung galaxy S4 (Octa-core model Exynos 5). I love the design of the HTC one, but I plan to buy thing phone and want to make sure it lasts me 2 years or so. I had a chance to play around with S4 in the shop it was stuttering quite a bit, that can be fixed with rooting and custom rom and also latest update seems to have fixed that lag issue according to the forums.

I had only 1 galaxy phone before and it was a Galaxy S I had signal issues with it the only way they could fix it in O2 was to downgrade the firmware which sucked since I lost many functions.
Anyway when I look at Super Amoled HD screen on S4, I liked it, colors pop out, however I know that those colors are not real, most are over saturated or have a blueish tint to it.

What are your experiences with both of these phone? I have not seen HTC one (only dummy phone) not a single shop here in Thailand has any in stock or they wont agree to pop box open for you to play around with. I held the dummy phone felt really good in the hand.

P>S The only S4 in TH is 16GB version heard its got aroun 9GB left which is not much considering a lot of apps cant be moved to SD. Can you recommend me which one to get or list any pros and cons you found with a phone. Battery life is important for me although I do have external 8400 mah battery with me just in case. And how about to buy phone accessories from or other online shopping website something?

Thank you.
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