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Originally Posted by jds4000 View Post
They have yet to create a device that can outshine the iPhone. The GS 4 is all hype. It fails to deliver. PERIOD.
I think sales of the GS4 would say otherwise. I don't have lag on my phone at all. I still changed the suggested settings though. My brother in law who just got an iphone 5 played with my GS4 and was jealous. He even called it a dinosaur after he asked if I could do certain things that he cant. The GS4 isn't all hype. Its simply a case of what works for one person won't work for the next. It's personal preference. The GS4 delivers to me just fine. The phone also just came out. It's like a new generation car. It's bound to have issues just like the iphone did. I'm sure Samsung will provide updates to fix these issues people are having. No phone will ever be 100% perfect though. I know plenty of people with problems on any phone including the iphone. As someone else mentioned why only Samsung and Google? What about the HTC One which is also a top selling phone right now?
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