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Default a few small issues with my new S4

so i got this phone three days ago. in the past i've only used motorola phones. never again. this s4 is WORLDS ahead of any of the garbage i've used before, and i cannot believe i'm finally happy with my phone. this is new territory for me.

a few small issues:

1. when i first got the phone (i'm on verizon), data connectivity would not work at all. turned out i needed a new SIM card. now i get data just fine...unless i'm on wifi. it seems that i lose 4g/3g/1x entirely while wifi is on. however, it is possible that it is working, but there's not enough room on the notification bar to display the 4g icon.

screenshot with wifi on:

screenshot with wifi off:


2. sms/mms delivery reports do not work. this may be a bug with 4.2.2 though (or so some research has led me to believe).

3. my last small issue is the daydream feature., which i love. i have a folder of ~2900 funny pics i've collected over the last few years. they're a mix of PNGs and JPEGs with maybe one or two GIFs. i have daydream set to show a frame of everything from this folder. sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. when it doesn't work, the screen turns all blue. at first i thought this was a filetype not supported by the phone - especially since it would display a ton of images before the blue came on. but once it shows a blue image daydream stops working entirely. however, if i start using the phone and then let it go back into daydream mode, it fixes itself.

thoughts on any of these, anyone?

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