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The issue I have seems to be with locale settings.
It has to be set to UK English for location stuff to work, etc.
I have no idea why it's just nuts... but I don't mind it and it's not a deal breaker.
Some little turn based games convert dollars into pounds but whatever.

I don't do kernel tweaks myself... I just use whatever the rom developer puts in.

The phone rom developer crowd has become elitist and some even morally corrupt.
I have been writing software since the dawn of computing time and released a lot of stuff over the last 20 years under the GPL and I have seen this shift into companies and individuals taking code and slapping a price on it.

I typed up some long thing but decided it was best to put it plainly.
There are good rom cookers out there, and there are even more GPL infringers to go along with them.
This is why XDA has scattered a lot of them to the wind.
They make some change or get some feature working and according to the license they have to share that code if they are going to distribute it.
So they cook up their own pay/referral only websites, call it an "organization" then push binaries and ban anyone that asks for the source.

XDA requires they follow the rules, but a lot of them do not want to follow those rules.
If you run into someone not following the rules the best thing you can do for the greater community is shun them, no matter how much you like their rom or kernel.

That said... I tend to pick my roms carefully.
If I find out a rom cook or kernel developer is a GPL violator I will never use anything they have to offer. It's just not good for the community to have copyright infringers amongst us.

Disclaimer: I am a full time software developer that writes both closed source and has contributed to several open source projects... my copyright views are my own.
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