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Originally Posted by mach1man View Post
I really want this case!!! But I have a zagg shield on my phone now, will this case peel up the zagg? I've heard yes and no reviews. Please help I want to buy one of the UAG cases so bad
It might, and it might not....

I think it will depend on 2 factors.
1. How evenly did you install your screen protector?
2. Did the Zagg protector have an adhesive backing?

Let me explain:
I've had 2 GS4's.
With both devices I chose to just leave the factory plastic on as a screen protector.
(imho, that factory film works just as well as any cheapie screen protector. it's already installed for you, so if someone is not going to put on a Quality protector...why bother removing it just to put on more cheap junk...right?)

On one of the GS4's the factory plastic was centered pretty evenly.
Using the UAG Case on it was fine, no issues.
On the other GS4, the factory plastic was off center quite a bit towards the left side.
Using the UAG Case on that one caused a little bubble to form in the top an bottom left corners.
No matter how many times I took the case off and smoothed them away, they came back.
I don't even bother doing that anymore. Now I just hit them with my nail every now and then because they aren't progressing.

All of that said,
if your install of your Zagg is centered pretty well...I don't think you'll have a problem.
Also you have to keep in mind that my factory plastic doesnt have an adhesive backing so it pops up easily.
Your Zagg might have had an adhesive backing. (I don't know, never used one)
If it DID, the UAG Case might not bother it at all even if it IS off center, and providing you have a solid bond to the screen.

Hope that helps you out a bit.

In my case however....
If I later choose to buy a quality screen protector,
I will probably try to install it with the UAG Case already on. (if possible)
In fact, if there are any people out there using a Spigen Glas.tR with a UAG Case,
please let us know the easiest way YOU found to do this!
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