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Default Lack of 32gb model a deal breaker?

I am looking at purchasing my next phone (coming from iphone). I was always buying the S4 (the next choice is the htc one). Its a hard choice and I keep swapping between the two but ultimately I want the S4. However I really want the 32gb model which doesnt seem to be coming to the uk. I appreciate everyone saying about getting a 64gb card and storing all the photos, music etc on that which will keep the phone memory free. This I mostly agree with but 8 - 9gb is not alot and once I have installed the apps including a sat nav and maps, that storage doesnt last long. The other issue is that alot of the apps store their data on the internal memory and hence could eat the remaining storage space in no time. Take for example google music, if i become a user of that and get 10gb of music then I cant save this to the phone to play when away from an internet connection. As it stands I prefer to get a CD and rip my own tracks so this wouldnt be an issue but it does highlight that there may be a top app around the corner which I will want to install but have no space.

Thus the lack of 32gb model is kinda forcing me towards the htc one again.

Can anyone offer any advice / views on why I should stick with the samsung that I would prefer to have?
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