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I went with the One just for the reason that I could use all the storage as system memory. I had the option on my carrier of getting the 32GB version (AT&T in the US) and 16GB was fine on my SGS3 last year, but with the size of Apps and games is getting bigger these days I really worry about how much of that 9GB left on the 16GB model will be available as time goes on.

I'm no stranger to rooting and I know the tools are out there to be able to use a micoSD card for apps, but after using a 16GB N4 & N7 (both with allot less bloatware from an OEM and a carrier) I realize how fast that memory gets used up if you watch movies and/ or use a service like Amazon music offline. That's why I sold off my 16GB N7 and bought a 32GB model and why I wouldn't settle for less than 32GB of system memory on my phone going forward.

This isn't a comment on the SGS4 - I've played with one and it's a really nice phone - but I personally prefered the One so I bought that. Regardless, if I hadn't had a choice of devices with at least 32GB of system memory I wouldn't have even considered the SGS4.
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