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Originally Posted by shmn View Post
Thanks for taking the time to write the review. Overall, it's nicely done. But it does sound like a press release. How about discussing the new Samsung "smart features" and how well they actually work? You don't have to be critical just for the sake of being critical, but the review sounds like it was written by Samsung. No phone is perfect and I can think of many, many ways to improve the phone.
I'm sorry you feel my review sounded like press release. Prior to December 1st of last year I had Droid X for 2.5 years. I was excited about that phone for about a month or two, and then the feeling faded. As soon as I made a decision to go with Note 2, I never looked back and the excitement of using this phablet stayed fresh for 7 months. There is no such thing as a perfect phone, I do agree, and there always could be room for improvement. But I base my review on the experience of Note 2 where I'm already familiar with a phone, already love everything about it, and comparing new S4 features on top of what I already got used to with N2. Press release is just a bunch of dry one liners with spec features. I intentionally didn't include screen captures (btw, for those not familiar - a right-to-left swipe with a palm of your hand across the display), but took pictures to demonstrate all those cool air-view features. I'm truly excited about it, think it's very innovative, and IT WORK!S!! These are not photoshop pictures, but real use pictures where I showed how it actually works.

In my experience of posting in AF and XDA forums, a lot of the dissatisfaction comes from a fact that people either not familiar with their phone (coming off another older Android or iPhone) or don't know how to optimize their phone and download a ton of free apps (you pay for it with a lot of junk that's going to run in the background), cpu hog widgets, live wall papers, and a ton of social media apps and services that will turn your speedy phone into a crawling junk.

That's what this forum/community is for to ask questions, get answers, and to make the best out of your new shiny toy. In my honest opinion - S4 is a fantastic phone. I do not own it, it was give to me for 2 weeks as a review loaner and unfortunately I have to return it back. But I'm looking forward to all these new S4 features being implemented in the next version of Note 3, and then will be making a decision. If N3 is not going to get bigger than a current N2 (which is at my limit now), I will go with N3, otherwise I will switch to S4.
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