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Originally Posted by Shocky View Post
Well tested the firmware a little and it does allow you to move the app only, for large data files mainly from game downloads you still need to use something like foldermount.

But this will save some space for sure and now rooted users can move the app and data which is nice.

Good job Samsung.

That makes no practical sense. The DMR and secure keys are almost always in the core install files and not the data (especially older apps). Also, the data files are usually 90% of the total files (on average). Not seeing how this is a good job. Even worse, a lot of newer games are a few megs on the app side and 1GB or more on the data side.

The reason the data was moved to SD and not the whole app was mainly security and stability. That is an absolute NUTS update for the app space issue and could cause more problems than correct. This helps almost nobody, since if you are installing tiny apps with no or tiny data files, you will probably not have a storage problem anyway.


Nope, I was being too politically correct: That is a pure stupid solution for app storage and surpasses common ground for logic and the premise of human existence. A black whole has developed in the aura of such a doofus solution. Strong enough to suck souls through it.

Samsung devs going nuts? Dumb app storage solution for S4 and borked the radios on the S3 (a one year old, mature device).

Added 2:

Are you sure that is correct? If so, I need to watch for the black hole and its vortex
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