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Originally Posted by toolwarrior View Post
Blue_T.... I unfortunately turned my One back in to Sprint. The XDA forum is a bit more active on this issue and I have been monitoring both this thread and theirs to see if an update has corrected the problem. Event the guys with the latest current update are still reporting the issue. One of the more recent posts is back to HTC NOT acknowledging the issue. This is kinda the pattern with HTC. Slow to address an issue, if ever. One piece of info that may help you. My One was on Sprint. I wanted to see if their poor coverage issue was the problem so I went to the local AT&T store where they had a One active in the store that you could make calls on. I called some numbers with automated recordings that I had been previously using to test this hissing that happens when the other side talks. Guess what... the AT&T phone did the same thing. Hope this helps. I will continue to monitor this. I hope they fix it so I can repurchase a One. Otherwise I may have to move on in a couple of months.
Well I just got off the phone with Sprint. The tech guy was pretty much useless. He said call quality is not one of the known issues for the HTC one. So I told him now it is. He had no troubleshooting other than restart phone and update profile. His only advice was take it into a Sprint store for testing or exchange the phone. I'd like to do am exchange but I'm worried it's going to sound the exact same. Lady in my office says her sprint HTC one works fine. Although I suspect she wouldn't know the difference anyways so I don't pit much faith on her comments. I have 2 days left before the exchange period ends and I have no idea which action to take. I find it very alarming that sprint nor HTC have identified this problem!

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Two different forms of 4G


You probably don't have 4G LTE in your area & the ONE isn't equipped to work on WIMAX.
Sprint told me not to expect LTE in St.louis until end of the year. He also said all of the United States will have LTE by end of the year. I highly doubt this as they are moving so slow right now.
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