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Originally Posted by twister6 View Post
This is a review of Klipsch Image S4A (II) Android wired headphones: Image S4A (II) Headphones for Android | Klipsch

I'm not suggesting their current sale price of $85 being a cheap bargain, but in a category of premium sounds it is a bargain.

The included 4 pairs of ear tips are great with a comfortable oval shape fit, but at the same time I found that oval shape to come out of your ear when you are doing active exercising.

I understand this is a part of Android change, and I hope that in a future update of S4A (III) they will fix this problem or even better - add dedicated volume up/down buttons since there is plenty of room available on that remote in-line control. I also found the response of pressing the function button to work with a slight delay. always, great review!! I, too, own Klipsch S4A II. I bought mine at Best Buy. I got them to price-matched Amazon...forgot exact price. IMHO, i think that the S4 + the stock oval tips are the best in the business. I have had different earphones over the years (X10i, Sonys, Skullcandy) and recently tried my brother's Monster Pro Turbine Copper. The fit and comfort is #1 for the S4. The x10i was close but somehow did not hang right in my ears. Not sure how to describe it. The Monsters were OK, but the fit is ordinary.

For the S4 (any version), the key is to hang the wire OVER your ears...basically, the earphones are upside down in your ears. This provide the best fit AND with the wires over your ears, there is less chance for it to fall out with physical activity. I do mild exercise with issue. I have already express my semi-dislike of Comply in the other thread. For me, the Klipsch ear tips are excellent.

And yes, like twister, the S4 II is a bargain for the fit and performance. Remember, with earphones, the fit/comfort is probably just as important as the actual sound! S4 II excels in both areas. The noise isolation from these earphones is also excellent! I took these with me on my flight from Texas to Las Vegas...comfy and serene! In addition, they sounded great when i watched movies on my Note 2!

For me, the sound of the S4II changed with break-in. So, you need to break-in least, with my S4A II. The highs and overall stage opened up after a few weeks for me. Again, this could be placebo effect and that my ears got used to it...i don't know, but i could hear a difference. YMMV.

But, overall, S4 sound signature is bias slightly toward the lower end. I actually prefer this because i hate tinny sound and i hate harsh high end. S4 provides a warm sound...but not too warm (like B&W P3), which i hate also! Bass is never lacking. (For headphones, i have Harman Kardon CL, which provides a similar sound signature.)

As for the button, i think that this is an Android/Samsung issue. The problem is that S-Voice gets activated if you press and hold the remote button. So, previously, the press-n-hold feature would activate the volume control...not now with S-Voice. I am not sure why Klipsch did not go the route of 3-buttons like their Apple model equivalent. It could be that there are way too many Android phone makers and it would be impossible to make button layout that would satisfy every make of phone.

Given this issue, i think that the wise decision would be to buy the APPLE model of S4II. Why? Well, the central button of the Apple S4II does the same thing as the one button on the Android remote. But, with the Apple model, it also allows you to "future-proof" yourself just in case you buy an iPhone or iPod or iTouch in the future. IF you buy the S4A II, then you're stuck because that one button has limited usage on an i-Device.

As for the delay in the button response, i think that the free Klipsch app allows you to change this under Button Settings.

And yeah, S4A II is my daily wear...and pretty much the only ear/headphones i use. When things get boring (and stationary), i may take out my Harman Kardon CL...but for the most part, i don't because the S4II sounds pretty darn awesome!

Again, twister6, great review and pics!!
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