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Originally Posted by TheAtheistReverend View Post
I am tormented with this question. To case, or not to case?
This phone is SO beautiful, I will hate (when the VZ version is released) to put a case on it. Besides, every case I have ever used ends up trapping sand and dust under it, scratching the hell of the phone's body, so it wont protect the pure beauty of the One.
I do have a small child that is sure to get his hands on it and throw it out of a moving car or something, so...
I've never ran into the problems you speak of using a Seidio Active case. Hell, I had a female friend over and things led to the hanky panky. My HTC One was sitting on the nightstand in my hotel room. Next thing I know her arms are going all over the place and she knocks my One onto the carpet. Needless to say, the hanky stopped for a minute to check on my One. Thank goodness I had my Seidio Active case on! Kind of like using protection if you catch my drift. Hope the kids don't read this post.
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