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Originally Posted by rangergrrl View Post
I've just upgraded to this on Sprint's network from the EVO 4G LTE and i didn't really think about it appears i'm not able to place calls and surf at the same time. My prior phone was capable of this. Is the ONE not able to do this?
I'm guessing you're in an area where 4G LTE hasn't been deployed just yet.

If you're on 3G,it's not possible.The EVO 4G LTE & SAMSUNG GALAXY S3 have the capability (SVDO) on 3G.

SVDO - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I found this post from ANDROID CENTRAL which pretty much sums up why your SPRINT HTC ONE doesn't have simultaneous voice & data on 3G:

The Samsung Galaxy Victory was the last Sprint LTE phone released to support SVDO. Sprints SVDO capable phones were setup so that EVDO and LTE shared the same transmission path thereby leaving the 1X radio to transmit independently from EVDO. Due to the buildout of Network Vision, that feature won't be needed for very long. I wouldn't let it get to you. If you want that feature, use your old phones until LTE comes to your area

It's one of the reasons I switched to T-MOBILE.If your purchase of the ONE was tied-in to a contract renewal,I'd consider a return/refund & release from contract without penalty if possible,& select a GSM carrier (T-MOBILE or AT&T) which have simultaneous voice-data on 3G.

Or,as the quote above suggested,if you still have the EVO 4G LTE,I'd just hang on to it until 4G LTE is available in your area.
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