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I pre-ordered the SPIGEN SGP Neo Hybrid in Satin Silver about a month ago, before I was even able to upgrade to a Galaxy S4. Finally got the S4 last week and the first impressions are very good. The case fits snug and is really stylish with the "ring" around the outside. The only thing that could make it better is if the "ring" was made of metal instead of plastic but that would have its own tradeoffs including additional weight and cost. It looks close enough to metal anyway.

My favorite feature is how slim the case is. My last phone (Motorola Photon) and my wife's Galaxy S3 both had Otterbox cases (plus Otterbox cases for my wife's previous phone and our Kindle Fire HD 8.9") which offered superior protection but were extremely bulky. I am willing to trade a bit of protection for a case that is slimmer and more stylish. If you absolutely need the extra protection, like if you often drop your phone on cement, get an Otterbox. But if you are like me and rarely drop your phone and want something more slim and stylish, get the Neo Hybrid.

In the past few days I have had two people look at my phone and ask me if I am going to get a case for my S4 while the NEO was on it. Proof of how perfectly this case fits the S4.
If the 'ring' is metal instead of plastic, it may interfere with the signal transmitted from your phone.
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