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Saw This I think it clears things up

posted @ XDA by nugzo
No No that has been de bunked by me lol.., No more hex editing needed, its dangerous! The 2nd cid isnt needed for anything. No advantage to changing it. Only disadvantage of possible brick. I have ATT branded phone. Hex edit is not needed for anything for me. I successfully installed a ruu, OTA and changed signal icons all with fastboot oem writecid. The 2nd cid that required hex edit you speak of has always been CWS__001 and has never changed on my phone. I installed Older Dev edition ruu (1.29.1540.3), then relocked bootloader and changed cid from supercid to BS__US001, then checked for updates, downloaded and installed the latest dev OTA (1.29.1540.16) successfully while still having CWS__001 cid in the 2nd location. With 11111111 as the fastboot cid and CWS__001 as the secondary cid i get ATT icons when using 4.2 roms. If i change from supercid to BS_US001 in fastboot, icons change to international style. If i change it to tmobile cid i get tmobile icons. You can manipulate icons without changing the 2nd cid.
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