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Originally Posted by chancehales View Post
thats what im looking for! as long as it will last me throughout the day im happy , i sure will! i forgot i can do that! im going to defiantly get it now! i have just 2 more questions. is there a case for the HTC One like the Otterbox Armor series? Also how bad will the estimated battery difference for holding its charge for up to 2 years?
I've seen Otter Boxes at Best Buy for around $30.

As far as the battery charging over time. I honestly wouldn't be worried about it as lithium polymer battery in the One is far better at power retention and discharge than lithium ion. Also the One does not have rapid charge enabled which significantly decreases battery health over time.

I'm currently obtaining around 23 hours per charge with moderate to heavy use. This morning I put my phone through it's heaviest test in the near 2 months I've had it. Streamed Spotify and YouTube for 5 straight hours over 4G (signal dropped out a few times but streaming rarely skipped), and light periodic internet use for another 4 hours and still had 30% battery left. I've been able to go as long as 8-10 hours after pulling my phone off the charger in the morning as have 80%+ on my battery if I don't touch my phone much.

Hope that helps!
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