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Originally Posted by rushmore View Post
Not seeing how a hollow solution that still misleads customers with a false sense of a fix is rest worthy. It is complacency that provides the acquiesced path for such corporate shenanigans.

Long live the resistance! Well, until another device comes along that is 32gb S3 replace worthy, for us shameful people that play games on their phone
It's not hollow, it's already saved me 1GB. I've seen no advertising from Samsung regarding this fix other than a changelog noting the feature so they're not misleading anyone or claiming it's a solution.

Also the feature is exactly as it was previously, it moves the app and that's all, it never moved data as it's upto the developer where that data goes, they could give us a choice and let us install on the sdcard.

I play games and I'm very happy with the S4, I would prefer more internal storage but it's not a big deal as I use foldermount and now apps to sd as well.
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