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Originally Posted by elnbryant View Post
This weekend, the battery in Galaxy 4 began having issues. First, I noticed that phone felt hot in my purse one evening. I didnt think too much about it, and put it on the charger when I went to bed. The following morning, it had only charged to 53%. I changed outlets and began to recharge. The most it got to was 84% after several hours. The whole day, the phone kept losing battery and would not charge at all. I called Tmobile as this phone is less than two months old. They wanted to do a Master Reset, but since the phone is so new and just set up the way I like it, I insisted they replace the battery instead, which they finally agreed to do. I havent gotten the new battery yet, but should have it tomorrow. The phone is completely dead now. Thinking back, I hope the heat I felt from the phone was just contained in the battery and not harmful to the handset itself. I am worried and had to pay full retail cost for this phone. I will keep you posted. Anyone else have battery issues??
Hello elnbryant. I don't blame you for those concerns on a nice shiny new S4!

But the factory data reset is a great way to clear out all sorts of issues. However before doing that, there's a good chance you can discover what might be hogging your resources and causing battery drain/heat.

The new battery might not be necessary. Think about the apps/widgets/launchers you've installed from Play Store (or other sources). Also think about the configuration of any apps or widgets that have the ability to autosync, such as Gmail or any email app you have set up, Facebook and any social networking apps you use, weather/news, etc.

All that stuff working at the same time can really tax a battery, not to mention cause slow downs over time as the services behind those apps and widgets compete for resources.

A factory data reset is good to "start over," but again, if you're willing to do some investigating and some poking around in Application Manager (in the main menu) where you can select "running," you might get an eye opener or two.. or three.

I should also mention that, as brought up in the post by Szadik, the charging hardware can be to blame if a 3rd party cable or charging block is being used.

Other possibilities include debris around the charging port, cleanable with rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab.

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