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Originally Posted by devswap View Post
Thanks Rivera - I will be interested to see how well that works - wonder if its just the app binary files or whether its all the links from the app. Take for example Google Music - say its approx 30MB (I have no idea how big it is) then moving this to the SD Card wont save alot but moving the music folder that it uses could move 5gb or even more. However will this music folder be moved with the app or purely the app itself, in which case this new feature is pointless.

Sweet. This is music to my ears. It's one of the "issues" I've been pondering over regarding the S4.

Now I just need to decide whether it's worth it for me to wait on the "Active" version. I doubt I'm going to be playing Angry Birds in the rain, so I should probably just go ahead and get the cheaper one (and one that's currently available!)
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