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Default Two quick questions


I have two quick questions. Two phones ago I had an HTC Desire S, I think it was. There were two things about that phone that really, really, annoyed me, and I am wondering if HTC has now managed to address those issues in the One.

1. It is my company's policy to lock the phone so that every time I wanted to use my phone, I had to enter the pin code. This created a problem when I received calls. For instance, if the volume was turned down too low and I wanted to increase it, I had to interrupt the conversation and enter my pin code.

My question for you: is it possible on the One to increase the volume without entering the pin code first?

2. From time to time (more often than I like to think) it would be necessary to reboot the phone. It was pretty much impossible to make the phone do this without it putting out a loud "brilliant" sound no matter what the volume was the phone. This could be rather embarrassing in meetings, etc. Of course, it did not help that the phone displayed "HTC - quietly brilliant" as it made this loud noise.

My second question for you: has HTC now become quietly brilliant, i.e., can I turn the phone on without it making this loud noise?
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