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Originally Posted by Eeep View Post
2. From time to time (more often than I like to think) it would be necessary to reboot the phone. It was pretty much impossible to make the phone do this without it putting out a loud "brilliant" sound no matter what the volume was the phone. This could be rather embarrassing in meetings, etc. Of course, it did not help that the phone displayed "HTC - quietly brilliant" as it made this loud noise.

My second question for you: has HTC now become quietly brilliant, i.e., can I turn the phone on without it making this loud noise?

Quite the opposite to be honest. HTC has become Quietly louder with the Brilliant, beats enhanced, forward facing, speakers utilized on the One.
The power on sound is now alarmingly loud. I seem to recall that even when my phone was set to vibrate or silent the power on sound was still audible (Sprint). Someone with the phone in hand, on your proposed carrier, will be able to confirm for you.

Check out a video showing you what to expect (bloody loud):
Youtube | HTC One Unboxing and Power up - 5 Min. 20 sec.
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