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Originally Posted by SolApathy View Post
The biggest issue that people seem to overlook is what I call the "first impressions distorted reality factor" which are almost always way off base. Why? Because everyone knows the first month you get the phone you turn on the screen about 500 times just to look at how beautiful it is, you play with everything, and usage is anything but normal.

If anything,I find my actual hands-on time w/my phones has steadily DECREASED w/each phone.

As smartphone quality has increased across the board,one has to spend increasingly less & less time tinkering w/it to work as desired,contributing to an already improved battery life.

With that said,there's always going to be a segment of the smartphone/ANDROID community that battery life is going to be an issue,whether it's a removable/imbedded battery,due to the manner in which they use ther phones,not only as their primary device of choice,but,the only device they use for all media/communications,including TVs/PCs/Music/Camera,etc.,all day everyday.

Expecting any device to last more than 10-12 HRS w/such use is totally unrealistic @ this time.Battery life has definitely improved,but,if one is expecting the INFINITY BATTERY on any device,don't hold your breath.
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