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Default Yet more S4 woes... CPU Performance and SD card

Hi all.

I've had my Galaxy S4 (UK unlocked, unrooted), using Nova Launcher for about 2 months now. It was all pretty smooth sailing up until a few weeks ago.

After having taken some pictures a few weeks back, I got my first taste of the dreaded "SD card has unmounted" and "Blank SD card". I am now seeing these and other SD card related pop-up warnings CONSTANTLY. Not sure if my photos and music are safe or not. Sometimes I can see them in the library, sometimes I can't. Don't really know if any pictures I'm taking anymore are saved or not.

I've recorded some video which is VERY choppy and bad quality, which I assume is also SD card related? I've also had the phone heat up the entire screen and go from what is usually an exceptionally good battery life to losing 15% battery in a matter of 10 minutes literally!! The heat starts radiating from just below the camera lens where the SD card is housed.

This was on a 32 GB Class 4 Sandisk microSD card (I know, I've read all about them!!!) so I thought I'd found the culprit. Despite the fact that this card works absolutely flawlessly on my old phone, I ordered a Samsung 64 GB Class 10 card just to be ultra safe on the side of compatibility.

As soon as I inserted the new card and booted up, all seemed fine... I then plugged in the USB lead to my computer (Win 7) and used Media Player to sync a few albums across and it crashed Media Player and the new memory card is now corrupt.

I've tried re-formatting the card from within the phone. This simply causes my phone to freeze and eventually restart itself. I've tried re-formatting on my PC using exFat and FAT32, but the progress bar just sits there doing nothing for hours. So I guess I'll have to send that back too?!!

On top of this, I find even very basic games struggle A LOT on this phone. Some basic 3d racing games struggle rendering graphics and very jerky and obviously I'm very shocked at this considering the processing power.

I do love everything else about this phone despite this, so I'm going to get a refund and buy another one (which is now also cheaper, so that's a bonus) and give Samsung one more chance.

If there was another choice of a 5" screen, removable battery and SD card space and as well supported as this phone then I would be looking elsewhere.

Is there anyone at all that has no troubles with this very annoying SD card issue? My brother has a Galaxy S2 and he says if he rests his phone too "hard" on a table, i.e. normally, his card unmounts and there's numerous threads about the S3 SD card issues.

Any other suggestions? Thank you
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