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Originally Posted by scotty85 View Post
you are correct,they prolly know your imie,serial number,and every thing else thats unique to your phone.

however... the likelyhood of them doing something with this info is slim to none. i have taked to someone who works at htc that assures me they really dont care that much. he wasnt even sure they have the ability to look that information up.

when a phone makes it to htc for repair,the check for visual signs of having been rooted(unlocked,relocked bootloader). finding them,it depends on the repairs needed,most phones are still fixed. non booting phones generally just have the motherboard/emmc replaced.

they dont try and find out if youve rooted or messed with a non-booting phone. we like to think that they are out to thwart our actions and patch our exploits,and keep us from getting our phones fixed,but the reality is that we(hackers/modders/rom flashers) are just a very small part of the phone-using community. fixing a few phones that they prolly shouldnt have is likley alot cheaper than the labor/manpower needed to catch the dishonest few.

not trying to make light of the situation,as we certainly cant make any gaurantees about what could happen(or not happen)
Using HTC dev voids certain parts of your warranty, so they do register your meid and cross reference it when you send the phone in for warranty replacement.
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