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Originally Posted by Sierra255;[URL="tel:5898328"
5898328[/URL]]I got a 16GB S4 on June 1 (all that Sprint offers) and I'm beginning to really regret that decision. I have signed up for the Google Play Music All Access and really like it, but all of your music gets stored on the internal storage. There's no way around as far as I've seen. I don't have that much music either, but my internal storage is already full. I have a 64GB SD card, too, but right now it's only being used to store photos that I take, a complete waste if you ask me. I really like the phone, too, which makes this even worse. It seems like there are too many things fighting with each other (small internal storage only being offered by wireless companies, data caps that restrict streaming, certain programs and their data only being allowed on the internal storage, etc.) and we the consumers get screwed. I'm pretty damn frustrated right now.
I feel your pain and frustration. I just bought mine a few days ago. After the first day as I was transferring everything from my Atrix 4G to my SGS 4, I was getting low on internal memory. (I wasn't even halfway done down loading my apps.) I took it back to AT&T and got the 32 GB and now I'm happy. (I have to pay the difference and restock fee.) But worth it in the long run.
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