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Default Dear Samsung

Dear Samsung,
Hi! My name is Rich and I bought a Galaxy S4 a few weeks ago. Overall it's a pretty good phone but nothing is perfect and it could be better. The weak areas revolve around where you try to hold my hand unnecessarily. Holding a new or non-technical person's hand is good customer service but a lot of your "help" is so overbearing it could be called "hinder" instead. Let me explain.

I'm a 47 year old metal head. This means I've been playing music too loud for 25 years. My hearing has taken the toll you'd expect. On top of that, I've been playing guitar (poorly) for about the same amount of time. Teenagers (when I started) + amplifiers = deafness (and noise complaints). I think you get the picture; I am experienced at loud.

So when you insist on warning me that I'm playing tunes too loud because I've raised the volume above like 4, I'd beg to differ. I know the proper volume to listen to Iron Maiden, Sabbath, Avantasia, Priest, etc. You don't. Could you stop warning me? I'm just going to hit OK and set the volume to my liking anyway. How about giving me an option to acknowledge that I've banged my head to the point where I've lost common sense and won't sue you for hearing damage. Cool?

Another thing, when I plug in my headphones and the annoying here-are-things-you-might-like-to-do-now-that-you-have-headphones-plugged-in notification pops up, why do you suggest really stupid things like Sudoku or tweaking my Pebble? How do either of those things pertain to headphones? Can I disable that help hindrance somehow?

I don't need to know my location services are on, so can I kill the notification? Yet I do like to know I'm connected to Google so can my networking icons go blue like every other Android phone on the planet?

Well I've got to go pick up Sabbath's new album (CD, whatever) so I'd better stop this now. Thanks for listening. We're Android users, just give us good defaults and the ability to tweak most everything and we'll get along just fine.


Apple tells people what they want, Microsoft asks what people want, Google gives people what they want (for 15 minutes).

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